15th Viva 9-A-Side Football Tournament 2023

Rules: –

1. Only 16 teams will be granted entries in each group. We kindly request you to submit your entries promptly.

2. Teams are required to report at least thirty minutes prior to their scheduled match.

3. The duration of the league matches will be 10 minutes per half, with a 2-minute break between the two halves. The quarterfinals, semi-finals, and finals will have a game time of 15 minutes per half, with a 5-minute break between the two halves.

4. All players must be dressed in an appropriate playing kit, including proper football studs and stockings.

5. The tournament will be conducted in accordance with the rules of the 9-A-Side.

6. The organizers reserve the right to postpone or cancel the tournament in the event of unforeseen circumstances. We kindly ask all schools to cooperate with the organizers in such cases.


15th Viva 7-A-Side Football Tournament 2023


1. The Tournament will be played on league cum knockout format.

2. Each age category 16 Teams will participate; entries will be on first come first serve basis.

3. A team will consist of 7 3=10 Players for each age group.

4. The game time per match will be 10 minutes each half, with 2 minutes break.

between the two halves and the quarter finals. Semifinals and the finals will be played for 12 minutes each half, with 5 minutes break between the two halves.

5. All the players from the team should be in proper playing kit along with the shoes and stockings.

6. All the Players are required to carry their original school ID Cards & Aadhar cards with them during the tournament at the respective venues. Players should produce their ID cards at the venue as and when asked for it.

7. Any team found with an over aged player or any manipulation in the documents will be disqualified without any kind of prior intimation.

8. The tournament will be played as per the rules of 7 -A-Side Football Federation of India.

9. The organizers have the right to postpone or cancel the tournament. All schools are requested to co-operate with the organizers for smooth conduct of the event.


15th Viva 5-A-Side Football Tournament 2023



All the matches will be played on the League cum Knock out basis.


The Field

1. The match will take place on a natural grass/artificial turf s field.

2. The field will have small dimensions suitable for 5-a-side games.

3. There will be a penalty area on the field.

4. A half line will be present.



1. Teams consist of 5 players plus a goalkeeper and 2 substitutes, totaling 7 registered


2. A player from a younger age group can participate in an older age category if they haven’t played in that category before.

3. Substitutions can be made freely, but only among the 7 registered players.

4. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players; otherwise, the opposing team wins the game.


Player Equipment

1. Players must wear jerseys and shorts as proper football attire.

2. Shin guards and stockings are compulsory for player safety. Referees can ask players to leave the field if they are not properly equipped.

3. Proper sports shoes with studs are allowed, while barefoot players are not permitted.

4. Jerseys should have a distinct colour to differentiate from both the opponent and the goalkeeper.


Duration of the match

1. The match duration is limited to a maximum of 20 minutes, with each half lasting 10 minutes. The teams will switch sides at halftime, unless the organizer decides to reverse this arrangement.



2. Every team is required to have a goalkeeper.



3. Goals can be scored from any part of the playground.

4. Offside rules are not applicable in this tournament.

5. There are no specific scoring zones, halves, or restricted areas for scoring.

6. Heading is allowed, without any limitations, in this tournament.




Points tabulation and walkover

1. A team earns 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.

2. If a team receives a walkover in the league, they will be awarded 3 points, and the average goal of the opposing team will be considered.

3. If a team fails to report within 5 minutes after the scheduled start time, a goal will be awarded against the defaulting team for every 5-minute interval. If there is further delay, the opponent will be granted a walkover.


Grouping and Qualification

1. Each group will have more than 2 teams.

2. The team that finishes first in each group qualifies for the next round (based on the number of teams participating).

3. If two teams in a group have equal points, the following criteria will determine qualification:

4. Result of their previous match against each other.

5. Goal average.

6. Goals scored.

7. Goals conceded.

8. A toss will be held for a Golden Penalty kick. The captain of the toss-winning team decides whether to kick or save (only one kick).


Tie Breaker: for knock out stage round.

1. Each team will have the opportunity to take 3 penalty kicks from the penalty mark. In other words, the sudden death rule will be in effect until the referees make decisions based on time considerations.

2. In the case of a tie after regular playtime in the semi-final and final matches, an additional 5 minutes of extra time may be played. If a decision is still not reached, a tie breaker will be used, followed by sudden death, if necessary, as outlined in clause 9.C.5.

3. Penalty kicks or tie breaker kicks will be taken from the penalty spot.



1. If a team exits the playing field in protest during the match, they will be disqualified from the tournament.

2. Only players and officials are allowed to enter the field during the match; no one else may do so.

3. In the case of repeated yellow card offenses by the same player:

4. The first yellow card will serve as a warning.

5. Upon receiving a second yellow card, the player will be suspended for 2 minutes.

6. If a player accumulates 3 yellow cards, it will be considered a red card offense. The player will be unable to participate for the remainder of the match, and no substitution will be permitted.

7. A red card will result in the player’s suspension for the remaining duration of the same match. The severity of the offense will be evaluated by the committee to determine the extent of the suspension.

8. If a player is found to not be a student of the respective school, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

9. The referee’s decisions during the match are final. No protests will be entertained regarding factual matters concerning the referee’s decisions.




Start & Restart the Match

1. The starting position for a direct kick is from the center point/spot.

2. Instead of throwing, a kick-in will be used, but it will be an indirect kick (with a maximum height limit up to the knee level), except for U-10 where there is no height limit.

3. During any type of free kick, opponents must stand or form a wall at a minimum distance of 5 yards. Failure to do so may result in the referee issuing a yellow card, in accordance with clause 11.C.

4. U-12 players are not permitted to perform volley kicks as a goalkeeper.



1. The kick-off shall be taken directly.

2. A goal kick shall be taken directly.

3. A corner kick shall be taken directly.

4. The goalkeeper’s kick or throw-in shall be taken directly.

5. A throw-in or kick-in shall be taken indirectly.

6. The Offside rule does not apply.

7. A penalty kick shall be awarded for any penal offense committed inside the penalty area.

8. Direct and indirect free kicks shall be awarded according to the laws of the game or the referee’s decision.

9. Rolling substitutions are allowed; however, the first player must leave the field before the

substitute can enter. Failure to do so will result in a yellow card (clause 11.c) and an indirect free kick from where the player entered.

10. If a substitute player touches the ball while the match is in progress and the ball is in play, a direct kick or penalty kick shall be awarded against their team.

General Rules

  1. The organizing committee reserves the right to modify or revise the rules. 
  2. The game rules will be implemented as adopted by the Association. 
  3. The Referee’s decision shall be final and binding on both teams’ players and officials. 
  4. The organizers hold no responsibility for any injuries, fractures, damage, or accidents during the competition. 
  5. All players/participants and team officials must adhere to the rules set by the organizing committee. 
  6. Each school is permitted to send only one team for team games and a maximum of 5 participants for individual games. Only a single team can represent the school in each age group category. 
  7. Participants/teams must report to the competition venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled event time. 
  8. The organizers are not liable for any loss of personal belongings. 
  9. Any weapons, sharp objects, or objectionable items will be confiscated immediately. 
  10. Unruly behavior, violence, offensive language, smoking on the premises, and possession or use of abusive substances like alcohol will result in the immediate disqualification of the entire school contingent to which the offending students belong.
  11. The overall winners and runners-up will be announced on the final day of Viva on 17th December 2023 in Mumbai. 
  12. Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  13. Once a protest is decided by the Executive Committee, it will be considered final and binding, and no further disputes will be entertained. 
  14. Forms will only be accepted with the entry fees, which are non-refundable.
  15. On-the-spot entries will not be accepted. 
  16. Separate entry forms must be filled in for boys and girls. 
  17. Please fill out separate forms based on the number of entries. 
  18. The entry form must be properly filled in, stamped, and signed by the principal, and submitted along with the entry fee at the fee counter between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. 
  19. Protest Procedure: Any protest must be lodged within half an hour of the match’s conclusion through the accredited Sports in charge/Coach of the team, along with a protest fee of Rs. 3000/-. The protest must be submitted to the organizing secretary. 
  20. The referee’s decision is final and binding on both teams’ players and officials. 
  21. Players/teams must present Aadhar cards and School ID cards upon request, and photocopies of the same must be submitted along with the complete team list to the organizing committee before the first game. 
  22. Any team found with an overage player, or any document manipulation will be disqualified without prior notice. 
  23. The team might be required to participate in 2 or more matches in a single day. 
  24. Requests for rescheduling or altering match timings will not be considered.
  25. Players are prohibited from wearing any form of jewelry, including rings, chains, watches, or metal spectacles, while on the field. 
  26. It is mandatory to tuck in the jersey during gameplay. 




  1. We are excited to announce the upcoming Viva Basketball Inter-School Competitions for under 14 boys and girls. These highly anticipated events will take place at the zonal level, intra-city level, and culminate in the prestigious Viva national-level tournaments in December. 
  2. The highly anticipated premier competitions, namely “Swing & Swirl,” featuring exceptional solo and group performances, will be continued in all its grandeur. The mesmerizing showcases of talent in “Voice of Viva” and “Viva NOVA” for both boys and girls will also be organized with the same fervor and excitement as always. 
  3. Points will be awarded as follows: 
Individual Event: Team/Pair Event: 
1st Place: 5 points 1st Place: 10 points
2nd Place: 3 points 2nd Place: 7 points
3rd Place: 1 point