Singing Rockstars


Regale the audience with your mesmerizing vocals and rise to fame. This competition encourages the students to exhibit their musical abilities through singing. 

Regale the audience with your mesmerizing vocals and rise to fame. This competition encourages the students to exhibit their musical abilities through singing.


Participant: IndividualEligibility: Grade 1 & 2
Duration: 2 minutesFees: Rs.200/-


  • Solo performances only allowed.
  • Only pre-recorded music is allowed. No extra points will be given to the participants for playing any musical instruments.
  • All items required during performance should be facilitated by the participant.
  • Participants should carry a backup pen drive for their music score.
  • Usage of background track is optional.
  • Participants music/soundtrack should be submitted a week before the competition date to the Event Coordinator at the center, either by email or in a properly labelled pen drive.
  • The pen drive will be returned to the participant after the performance is over. Participants might get a chance to perform again if there is any technical issue or malfunctioning of the track or any equipment, only after consultation between the judges and the organizing team depending on the situation.
  • Kindly select a song that is child friendly and has appropriate lyrics. Failure to meet the mentioned criteria, will lead to disqualification.

Judgment criteria:

  • Voice quality – 10
  • Songs selection- 10
  • Pronunciation and intonation – 10
  • Style and performance – 10
  • Overall presentation – 10

General Rules

  • A student can participate in any two competitions and two workshops.   
  • Each participant and accompanying non-participant/s should carry a valid school identity card for inspection at the registration counter. You will be expected to produce your school/college identity card for inspection whenever asked to do so. 
  • The individual/team should report to the Event Coordinator at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the event. 
  • Any kind of weapon/s, sharp and objectionable objects and paraphernalia will be confiscated on the spot. 
  • Unruly behaviour, violence, offensive language, smoking on the premises and possession and use of abusive substances will lead to immediate disqualification of the entire contingent of the particular school from which the offending students are. 
  • The time limit for each competition must be adhered to. In case of noncompliance 
  • with the rules, points will be deducted for exceeding the time limit. 
  • The organizers of Viva reserve the right to admission, which may be revoked at any point of time without prior notice. 
  • The organizers reserve the right to alter the rules of any event. 
  • Please refer to the details given regarding grades, date, time and venue of the events. 
  • The decision of the judges will be final and binding on all. 
  • The points will be awarded as follows: 

Individual Event: 

1st Place = 5 

2nd Place = 3 

3rd Place = 1 

Team/Pair Event: 

1st Place = 10 

2nd Place = 7


Grades for Competitions and Workshops are bifurcated as follows:  

 GroupGroup 1 Group 2 COMMON 
PRIMARY GR 1 & 2 GR 3 & 4 GR 1 to 4 
MIDDLE SCHOOL GR 5 & 6 NA GR 5 to 7 
SECONDARY GR 7 & 8 GR 9 – 12 GR 8 to 12 


The Overall Winners and Runners Up will be declared on the day of Viva Grand Finale on 17th December 2023.  

Separate forms should be sent for each competition, workshop and sports event. Please refer to the forms given. 

No ‘on the spot’ entries will be accepted. 

Entries to competitions will be accepted on a ‘first come first served’ basis. 

No refund will be provided.  

Age Limit: Participation is open to all students from Pre-Primary to Junior College. 

All winners will receive awards in the form of certificates and trophies. 

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