Viva 15

What is VIBGYOR Viva 15?

VIBGYOR Viva 15 is an inter-school cultural and sports extravaganza, along with engaging workshops, organized by the VIBGYOR Group of Schools. It is the 15th edition of this event.

What are the Premier Competitions?

The Premier Competitions include Voice of Viva (singing competition), Swing N Swirl (Solo and Group dance competitions), and Viva Nova (personality contest).

How can I participate?

To participate, register on the website www.vibgyorviva.com or visit the nearest VIBGYOR School.

What is the selection process?

The selection process involves four rounds: Audition Round 1, Online Participation (for overseas participants), Audition Round 2, and the Knockout Round (online live event). Shortlisted participants will compete at the Viva Finale. 

When is the Grand Finale?

The Grand Finale will take place on December 17th, 2023, in Mumbai.

What are the prizes for winners?

Winners of Premier Competitions will receive cash prizes along with Achievement certificates.

Swing N Swirl (Group) winners – Rs. 80,000, Runners Up- Rs. 60,000.

Swing n Swirl (Solo) winners -Rs.30,000, Runners Up- Rs. 20,000.

Voice of Viva winners -Rs. 30,000, Runners Up- Rs. 20,000.

Viva Nova Winner (Boy)- Rs. 30,000, Viva Nova Winner (Girl) – Rs. 30,000/-

Viva Nova 1st Runner up (Boy) – Rs. 20,000, Viva Nova 1st Runner Up (Girl) – 20,000/-

What are the evaluation criteria?

Participants will be evaluated based on various aspects, including choreography, expression, energy, voice quality, pitch accuracy, and overall impact.

Can previous winners of Viva 14 participate?

No, previous Viva 14 winners are requested not to participate to give other talents a chance to shine.

Are there dress code guidelines?

Yes, participants must follow modest and appropriate costumes/dresses, and inappropriate attire may lead to disqualification.

Can participants use props during performances?

Props are allowed except for snow, fire, colour, and confetti. Participants must arrange their own props.

Can solo dance performances exceed the time limit?

No, solo dance performances should not exceed 3 minutes, and group dance performances should not exceed 4 minutes.

How will the Finale be organized for Viva Nova?

The Viva Nova Finale includes a Question & Answer Round and a Ramp Walk adhering to a theme and dress code. 

Can participants use backup artists during performances?

No, participants may only use instruments they play themselves; backup artists are not allowed.

Can rules and regulations change?

Yes, organizers reserve the right to make changes to rules and regulations.

How will participants be informed of scores?

Scores will be based on various rounds and will be communicated to participants accordingly.

What is the Knockout Round?

The Knockout Round is an electrifying online live event where both qualifying participants from offline Round 2 and those who qualified through the online audition (specifically for overseas contestants) will compete head-to-head.

Who will participate in the Knockout Round?

Participants who successfully advanced from the offline Round 2 and overseas contestants who qualified through the online audition will participate in the Knockout Round.

When will the Knockout Round take place?

The exact date for the Knockout Round will be communicated to the qualifying participants.

What happens during the Knockout Round?

During the Knockout Round, participants will showcase their talents and compete to secure a spot in the Viva 15 Finale.

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Viva 15 Finale

What is Viva 15 Finale?

Viva 15 Finale is the grandest stage of the Premier Competitions, where the absolute best participants will face off after an intense battle in the Knockout Rounds. It is a thrilling event held on December 16th, 2023, in the magnificent city of Mumbai.

When and where will the Viva 15 Finale take place?

The Viva 15 Finale will take place on December 16th, 2023, in the city of Mumbai, India.

How can I participate in the Viva 15 Finale?

To participate in the Viva 15 Finale, you must go through the selection process in the Premier Competitions and successfully make it through the Knockout Rounds to qualify for the Finale.

What should I expect at the Viva 15 Finale?

The Viva 15 Finale promises to be an exciting event filled with exceptional performances from the best participants. The event will showcase talent, skills, and creativity on a grand scale, making it a memorable experience for all attendees.

How do I arrange my travel to Mumbai for the Finale?

Selected students who qualify for the Viva 15 Finale will have their travel arrangements taken care of by our City Event Coordinator. They will ensure a comfortable journey for all participants to Mumbai. 

Will lodging be provided for the Finale?

Yes, selected students will be provided with lodging at a hotel conveniently located near the Grand Finale venue. This ensures that participants can focus on their performances without worrying about accommodation.

Can I bring guests to the Viva 15 Finale?

The Viva 15 Finale is an invitation-only event for participants and select guests. If you have any questions about bringing guests, please contact the event organizers. 

Will there be any rehearsals before the Finale?

Participants who qualify for the Viva 15 Finale may be required to attend rehearsals to ensure a flawless performance on the grand stage. Detailed information about the rehearsal schedule will be provided to all qualified participants.

What COVID-19 safety measures will be in place?

The safety and well-being of all attendees are our top priorities. We will comply with the local health guidelines and implement necessary COVID-19 safety measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for everyone. 

Is there an entry fee for the Viva 15 Finale?

There is no entry fee for the Viva 15 Finale. However, participation in the Premier Competitions may involve a registration fee, which will be specified during the registration process. 

Can I watch the Viva 15 Finale online?

We understand that not everyone can attend the event in person. We will make efforts to provide live streaming or recorded footage of the Finale for those who cannot be physically present. 

Can I contact the event organizers for more information?

Certainly! For any additional inquiries or information about the Viva 15 Finale, please reach out to our event organizers through the provided contact channels on our website. 


As you prepare to shine like a star on the grandest stage of all, we wish you the best of luck in the Viva 15 Finale! Get ready to showcase your talent and creativity in the magnificent city of Mumbai on December 16th, 2023. 

Viva 15 Grand Finale

What is the Viva 15 Grand Finale?

The Viva 15 Grand Finale is the ultimate stage where the absolute best performers will showcase their talent. Prepare to be mesmerized by breathtaking performances from talented winners and appearances by celebrities and esteemed judges. Experience the real magic on December 17th, 2023 in the magnificent city of Mumbai.

How can I be a part of the Viva 15 Grand Finale?

To be part of the Viva 15 Grand Finale, you need to excel in the Knockout Rounds of the Premier Competitions and secure your place among the top performers.

What is the schedule for the Viva 15 Grand Finale?

The Viva 15 Grand Finale is scheduled to take place on December 17th, 2023, in Mumbai.

Will accommodations be provided for the Grand Finale participants?

Yes, selected students for the Grand Finale will be provided with lodging at a hotel conveniently located near the venue to ensure a comfortable stay during the event.

Who will take care of the arrangements for the Grand Finale participants?

The City Event Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring the comfortable journey and lodging arrangements for the selected students participating in the Grand Finale.

How will the winners be determined in the Grand Finale?

The winners in the Grand Finale will be determined based on the judges’ evaluations and scores in their respective Premier Competitions.

What are the rewards for the winners in the Viva 15 Grand Finale?

The winners of the Premier Competitions in the Viva 15 Grand Finale will receive prestigious titles, cash prizes, and trophies to celebrate their exceptional talents and achievements.