Swing N Swirl – Group

Swing N Swirl -Group Group Dance Competition

Dance is considered the most aesthetic art form and poetry in motion. Swing n Swirl Dance Competition invites you to participate and showcase your artistic skill and talent.

This event is open to all dance enthusiasts, dance academies, schools, or institutes.

This is your chance to showcase your splendid dance routines and captivate the audience with your epic performances.

Customize your performances with songs that match your style and add your unique flair. Let your positivity, personality, and energy shine through to captivate the audience.

Witness the mesmerizing harmony of well-choreographed and synchronized dances – a true celebration of teamwork and artistic movement.

Only the choreographer of the Dance group will be eligible to receive a complimentary ticket and accommodation, and he/she will have the opportunity to travel with the team to the Finale city. This benefit is subject to the condition that the choreographer possesses valid identification documents. Make sure all age and identity proofs are accurate to avoid disqualification.

Exceeding this time limit or using songs with inappropriate lyrics will result in disqualification.

Submit tracks for the Knockout Round and Finale 14 days in advance via email at viva@vgos.org. You can use the same track up to the Knockout Round, but you must select a different track for the Finale. No changes to the track selection will be allowed once submitted.

Props are allowed during performances, except for snow, fire, colour, and confetti. Participants are responsible for their own props; the organizers will not procure or replace any props in case of loss or damage.”


Selected Finalist will perform at the Grand finale.